How Can Sports Keep Our Kids Safe?

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Being in sports is a good defence against bullies for three reasons: athletes exude confidence, they are stronger than their average peer and sports provide a positive network of support.

Yet all of that can be the reverse. Some athletes have poor self -image and feel that their only worth is based on the sport performance, this is usually an adult problem. By that I mean that the adults around the athlete CREATE the problem. The environment around some athletes may not be as positive as we would like, in fact it could be nurturing negative behaviour, and again being stronger or more physically imposing could be a negative. It can attract aggressive behaviour from bullies or it can lead the child athlete to exhibit bully behaviour without feeling that they are doing anything wrong. But let’s focus on the positive role of sports. Let’s assume that you are the parent of a positive child/athlete and you are supportive and understanding: Because if I can then we will see our child/athletes being positive and non-violent too. Kids understand that sports are games and games sometimes have losers. They do not define themselves as a loss or a win. They are self-confident and aware of their actions and inactions. They know that they are role models and they take that position seriously. These athletes are not targeted by bullies because the bully has no effect on them. They cannot get them to give in to their behaviour. Kids who bully may stop once they realize that other popular kids don’t respect what they’re doing.”

Being in sports, aside from building confidence, also builds physical strength and skills. This is another layer of confidence that an athlete has over a bully. They know that they can protect themselves or others and thus remain un-threatened.

Lastly being in sports creates a network of support, a web of positive relationships that keep bullies outside of the circle of acceptance. There are also strong adults available who will not tolerate negative behaviour and so kids can feel safer. Many programs or leagues have strict rules in place and violators are removed from play. But the strength of the rules are only as strong as the enforcement. A few weeks ago when a NFL coach was given a year off for putting bounties on the heads of opposing players, the message that the offense wasn’t too bad was sent to other coaches and players as the punishment for this offense was minimal. The coaches, parents and fans have to be willing to sacrifice victory for honour and integrity. Sadly, sometimes that’s not the case.

As role models athletes need to know a few things about how to stop bullies and how to protect others. Dr. Sue Limber, PhD, MLS, professor of psychology and associate director of the Institute on Family and Neighbourhood Life at Clemson University advises that kids should watch for these signs to see if a friend is being bullied:

1. Do your friends suddenly seem worried about going to school or doing things with other kids in the peer group?

2. Do your friends seem more sad, moody, or depressed than usual?

3. Do they have no or only a few friends?

4. Do they seem to get anxious after being online?

If any of these are answered “yes” your friend might be on the receiving end of a bully’s aggression. If this is the case, you can ask them to share their experiences, listen and be supportive. Encourage them to take the issue to a responsible adult in authority; someone who can stop the threat or can help relieve the risk. Remember that when a few friends hang out together, they are less likely to be approached. Stamp out bullies by ignoring gossip or not spreading rumours. This, after all, is what being a responsible person all is about.

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Interesting Historical Facts About Gymnastic Leotards for Girls

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It goes without saying that every kind of sport requires specific apparel. The unique outfit is necessary for the athlete’s comfort, attractiveness and hence best performance. The sportswear uniforms have been changing throughout the centuries, developing innovative tailoring as well as involving new fabrics and design. In this brief post we would like to look at interesting facts and the history of a gymnastics leotard.

This may seem funny, yet the initial gymnastic apparel was created by a man. The skin tight garment which is now used mainly by girls is named after a French acrobat Jules Leotard, who popularized the garment. Being a pioneer of the artistic gymnastics and one of the most famous acrobats of his time, Jules was looking for an impeccable outfit for his performances which should be perfect in all aspects. Eventually he tailored the first maillot (the original name of the garment) for himself in 1859. It allowed him to perform sophisticated tricks flawlessly, simultaneously exhibiting his well developed muscles to the audience. So, the contemporary gymnastic leotards for girls root back to the nineteenth century.

Although the revolutionary garment was initially created for acrobats, soon it has become very popular with other athletes. Unisex leotards were worn by dancers, gymnasts, wrestlers, cyclists etc. In a few decades the garment penetrated the casual wear market and appeared in the form of bathing suits and exercise outfits (1930′s and 1950′s respectively). By the late 1970′s this functional apparel has become a vivid symbol of a disco and aerobics craze of the time. Newly invented spandex and nylon on a par with traditional cotton have offered a wide variety of styles and cuts of leos.

Gymnastics Uniform Today

Undoubtedly, leotards are very practical and functional as swimsuits and exercise garments, although they are the most beneficial for gymnastics. They fit perfectly and bring a feeling of a second skin, since gymnastics requires an ultimate concentration. Loose pants, rubbing seams and other distractions can lead to mistakes and thus severe injuries. The perfectly fitting gymnastics apparel will never distract an athlete, but bring a complete sense of convenience and safety. Such a kind of uniform also winningly displays the perfect muscles, especially in artistic gymnastics.

You will find a wide array of gymnastic apparel available in the sportswear market today. They can be both sleeveless or feature long/short/enlarged sleeves depending on their usage. Leos can be made of different fabrics and may have no seams at all. There also exist simple modest workout outfits and those manufactured (very often handmade) for competitive purposes. The latter usually incorporate vivid decorative elements, tinsel, fringes and other kinds of fancy embellishments. Depending on the purpose of the garment the price can vary. As a rule, high quality leos are very expensive (even those for little girls), especially the competition outfits. However, you can always make use of one of the reliable online shops offering a great range of gymnastic leos for girls of all ages for reasonable prices.

Prepare Yourself Now for a Healthy Pregnancy

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During a baby’s first trimester in the womb all her essential organs are being formed. By the start of the second trimester most if these are functioning. So these early weeks are a crucial time for your child’s development.

It therefore stands to reason that if a woman is healthy before she conceives, the tiny fetus has a better chance of being healthy too.

But many women have unplanned pregnancies and can be a couple of months along the line before realising. In a perfect scenario, all women who could conceive, or are planning to conceive, should consider their pre-pregnancy care very carefully. Potential dads play a key role too of course and their health is very important too, but this article will concentrate on the female.

The main things to consider are contraception, poor diet, smoking, drugs, alcohol, pollutants, illness and STDs.

Put quite simply all prospective parents should avoid all of the above.

Start your pregnancy journey by seeing your GP for a pre-pregnancy check-up. Ideally this would be a year before you want to get pregnant to give you time to make any major changes that are recommended. But every little helps, so even a three to six month pre-pregnancy visit is good enough to make some positive changes to your lifestyle and health.

This check-up should involve more than just a physical exam. Your GP should also cover the following:

Your personal and family medical history.

Your vaccination history.

Your usual lifestyle habits (drinking, smoking, drugs, hazards at work).

Diet. You will probably be weighed and advised to lose or gain weight if your BMI is too low or high.

Your typical weekly exercise tally.

Your state of mind; whether you have depression or other mental health issues.

Your medications. These could be changed if your GP knows you are trying to conceive as some medicines can cause birth defects.

Your physical exam could include a blood pressure check, breast exam, and blood tests for cholesterol, glucose (blood sugar), liver function, Rh factor and triglycerides. You may have a pelvic examination too and an STD test may be offered.

Having this thorough examination will highlight any issues that need correcting, or bringing under control before you get pregnant.

The rest of your pre-pregnancy care is in your hands, and mouth! Start eating a healthy diet rich in a variety of nutrients. Reduce the junk food – sugars and fats – in your diet and start eating your Five a Day. If you have a varied, healthy diet that includes all the main food groups you probably won’t need supplements. But your GP may suggest you take 400 micrograms of folic acid per day which makes some birth defects much less likely.

If you are concerned your diet is lacking in any one food group, specially formulated pre-pregnancy supplements will ensure you get all the other key vitamins and minerals you need.

Comprehend The Importance of Women Yoga Gurgaon

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The history of yoga is indeed very old. Nothing can be said firmly about the origin of yoga. Only it can be alluded that yoga was originated in the land of India but now it is popular all over the world. Yoga is originated from a Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means to unite or join. Yoga is the “unification of Atma with Parmatma”. It also means the unification of physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of human being. It is a universal truth that modern age is full of stress, anxiety and tension. Are you seeking for the effective way to overcome from these ailments? If your answer is yes then Women Yoga Gurgaon is the platform you should look for. What impress you most about yoga is that it can be practiced by anyone irrespective to their age.

Woman of today is much more than her erstwhile role of a housewife, a mother or a daughter. Nowadays women is not only restricted to the four walls of the house, she plays a great role in every part of the life she leads. To perform all the roles with elan, grace, and perfection it is indispensable for them to maintain mental peace, good health and poise in life. According to you what would be the optimum way to accomplish all of these in a single blow?

Definitely you will call the magic, “Women workout Gurgaon”. There are lots of reasons why women put up yog in their daily lives. For instance some wish for a body which is strong as well as flexible while other women wish to retrieve their beauty and want to look best in the town. Others are ready to give birth to the young ones and are wondering how yog can assist them. By putting yoga in their daily lifestyle certainly provide women unexpected benefits for the body, mind and spirit. First you have to keep faith on yog then only you can avail the benefits of yoga. Some of the top benefits that are associated with Women Yog Gurgaon are stated below:-

  • It is highly effective in alleviating apprehension and stress.
  • Consistent practice of yoga helps you to attain a strong state of mind, great self-restraint and genuine sense of compassion.
  • It is also very helpful in losing weight because the workouts encourage the elimination of harmful toxins from the body. It also helps you to uphold ideal weight.
  • It helps the body to attain endurance, strength and co-ordination.
  • It keeps body, mind and soul in a proper balance. It also provides a right path for physical and mental growth.
  • Yoga is even safe during pregnancy. It can be beneficial to pregnant women to augment their health for the sake of the foetus.
  • Having a good posture and calm state of mind allows yog students to accomplish a healthier body and sound mind.
  • Elder people can also be benefited by doing yog, as this helps their bodies to recovery instantly from health ailments and reduce pains due to poor posture and inactivity.